2024 AI Impact Survey on Developer Relations

Executive Summary

This survey explored the impact of AI on Developer Relations (DevRel) by gathering insights from industry professionals. The responses indicate a growing adoption of AI tools, highlighting their benefits and challenges. The feedback reveals a significant shift towards efficiency and content generation facilitated by AI. Ethical considerations and the need for industry standards were also discussed.

A Note from the Editor

Even though most of the topics below are shared in the broader AI discussion, one underlying trend is the need for Developer Relations professionals to be educated. Everyone involved in Developer Relations must be trained to work with these new AI tools, systems, and techniques.

While we can all say we are using AI tools, are we using them to the best of Generative AI’s capabilities and for the right problems?

By training DevRel professionals in AI tooling, we can significantly enhance various aspects of Developer Relations, particularly in content generation, data analysis, automation, customer interaction, and documentation. The continuous learning and adaptation to AI advancements will ensure that DevRel teams remain at the forefront of innovation, providing value to their developer communities.

Takeaways from the Survey

  • Efficiency Gains: AI significantly improves DevRel’s operational efficiency.
  • Adoption of AI Tools: There’s a growing trend towards using various AI tools and technologies.
  • Ethical and Regulatory Concerns: Ethical considerations and the need for industry standards are prominent issues.
  • Future Transformation: AI is expected to transform DevRel towards more automated and content-driven strategies.
  • Importance of Human Skills: Soft skills, especially communication, will remain critical in an AI-driven DevRel landscape.

Without further adieu, let us move on to the survey results.


Below is a summary of the responses to each question, highlighting the best practices, concerns, and general feeling of how AI will change Developer Relations in the coming years.

Summary of Feedback Per Question

1. Job Title
Respondents to the survey hold leadership positions in DevRel, indicating strategic involvement in integrating AI into their operations. This suggests that the insights provided are from individuals with significant influence and understanding of DevRel dynamics.

2. Years in Developer Relations
Respondents have, on average, 6.3 years in DevRel, suggesting their insights are based on extensive industry knowledge, lending credibility to their perspectives on AI integration.

3. Company Size
All respondents are from small to medium-sized (SMB) companies, influencing their AI adoption strategies due to resource constraints. Smaller companies are adopting AI tools to maximize efficiency and scalability.

4. Industry of Operation
Most respondents operate in the technology and AI sectors, aligning with the survey’s focus on AI in DevRel.

5. Are you currently using AI tools in your DevRel activities?
Most respondents (65%) currently use AI tools, indicating a trend towards AI integration in DevRel. This shows a growing acceptance and implementation of AI technologies in the field.

6. If yes, which AI tools or technologies are you using?

 Various AI tools are being used, from general frameworks to specific APIs like OpenAI and Anthropic. This diversity in tools reflects the multifaceted applications of AI in DevRel.

7. How did integrating AI into your DevRel strategy affect your workflow?

AI has positively impacted workflows by enhancing efficiency and automating tasks like code generation and content suggestion & creation.

8. What benefits do you believe AI brings to Developer Relations?
Efficiency is the primary benefit of AI in DevRel, as it streamlines operations and automates repetitive tasks. This benefit is crucial for maximizing the effectiveness of SMB DevRel activities.

9. What challenges or concerns do you have regarding the use of AI in Developer Relations?

Ethical considerations and the lack of clear regulations are major concerns regarding AI use in DevRel.

10. How do you foresee AI transforming Developer Relations in the next 5 years?
AI is expected to drive DevRel towards more content-driven strategies and further automation of tasks. This transformation will likely redefine DevRel’s landscape.

11. What skills do you think will be most important for DevRel professionals in an AI-driven industry?

Soft skills, particularly communication, will be crucial for DevRel professionals in an AI-centric industry. These skills will complement AI tools, enhancing overall effectiveness.

12. Should there be industry standards or regulations concerning the use of AI in DevRel? Why or why not?
There is a debate on the necessity of industry standards, with some professionals emphasizing the importance of regulation in addressing ethical concerns. Establishing clear guidelines could facilitate responsible AI usage.

13. What ethical considerations should be taken into account when implementing AI in Developer Relations?
Ethical implementation of AI, including avoiding biases and ensuring fair use, is a crucial concern. Addressing these considerations is vital for the sustainable integration of AI in DevRel.


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